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Administration Department

The Administration Department is comprised of four functional branches with specific responsibilities in each area.  The Chief Administrative Officer, Human Resources / Health and Safety, Community Services and Communications / Economic Development.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Laurie Kennard, CPA, CA - (800) 567-0187 / (705) 538-2337 x. 227

The CAO is Council’s only employee.  The CAO is responsible to the Mayor and Members of Council for the coordination and administration of all departments and operations.  The CAO ensures the efficient and effective operation of the Corporation through management and leadership of the Senior Management Team.  The CAO ensures that council is supplied with information that is complete and accurate in order to allow Council to make informed decisions.  The CAO assists in the preparation of the Township’s budget and ensures the delivery of high quality services in a timely, responsible and cost effective manner.

The role of the CAO’s office is providing strategic leadership to Township staff in the ongoing implementation of corporate continuous improvement initiatives.  The CAO advises Council on policy matters and provides policy and program development to maximize revenue and / or cost savings.  The CAO is also responsible in delivering a welcoming, courteous and professional culture of public service excellence to our residents, visitors and businesses. The CAO continues to develop collaborative relationships within the community and with other levels of government.

Departmental Functions:

  • Principal advisor to Council and Committees
  • Provides Liaison Function between Council and staff
  • Manage and exercise general control of the day-to-day operations and functions of the municipality
  • Ensures that Council policy is implemented effectively and efficiently
  • Provides communications from Council to Ratepayers and vice-versa
  • Implementation of the Strategic Plan Initiatives
  • Prepares or directs the preparation of reports for consideration by Council and Committees
  • Attend meetings of  Council, Committee of the Whole, other Committees of Council
  • Provide operational leadership to Senior Management Team and all municipal staff
  • Coordinate and direct the implementation of the approved policies and programs of Council


Human Resources / Health and Safety

Connie Devlin, Director of Human Resources / Health and Safety - (800) 567-0187 / (705) 538-2337 x. 262


The role of the Human Resource Department is to develop strategies that align the human capital (employees) of the Township with the Strategic Vision in order to achieve the corporate goals and objectives.

Human Resource Services is a part of the Administration Department and is responsible all functions of Human Resources, Health and Safety, Accessibility and Community Services.

Human Resource Functions:

  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits Management
  • Policy Development
  • Employee and Labour Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Regulatory compliance with Human Rights, Employment  Standards and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Corporate Health and Safety Program:

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety Policy Development
  • Safety Training

Community Services

Brent Baker

Community Outreach Worker
(705) 538-0003 

The Township’s Community Services program is offered in partnership with the District of Muskoka Community Support and Services Division. This program aims to reduce poverty, and support development of healthy communities and self-sufficient community members throughout the Township.

A Community Support Worker works in collaboration with the District of Muskoka and other community partners to assist residents in locating and utilizing community resources and to ensure that the following services are more readily accessible within the Township:

  • Social Assistance, Financial Subsidies
  • Affordable Housing
  • Employment Services, Workshops and Events
  • Medical, Dental and Mental Health Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Crisis Intervention Assistance
  • Senior Independent Living Resources
  • Literacy Assistance (including application/form writing)
  • Fresh Food Basket Program
  • Mom and Tot Healthy Development and Engagement
  • Implement life skills workshops and other community and social service programs
  • Georgian Bay Wellness Centre Coordinator
  • Food Bank Coordinator


Communications and Economic Development

Jennifer Schnier, Communications & Economic Development Officer
 (800) 567-0187 / (705) 538.2337 x. 259

The Communications and Economic Development portion of this department is responsible for business retention, the attraction of new businesses to the and providing information to the public (via Facebook, Twitter, monthly e-news publication and other social platforms).

Using Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), economic prosperity is measurable by attracting businesses that support the several already existing main ‘assets’ of the community: the Highway 400; CPR; Trent Severn Waterway; UNESCO Biosphere Reserve; Georgian Bay Island National Park; the Big Chute Marine Railway; and, the distinct communities of Honey Harbour, MacTier and Port Severn.

Interconnecting commercial enterprise with the services and commodities associated to the users of these assets supports a sustainable business model. Linking the interconnection, understanding how to support business and the agencies that are available within Muskoka and Simcoe are strategies used to engage our business community.

The Sustainable Georgian Bay Community Based Strategic Plan, now in its implementation phase, recognizes eighty six achievable actions that center around three main pillars: Economy, Environment and Culture and Society.

Derived from this strategy, the Township of Georgian Bay has also completed a Community Based Economic Development Plan, a Communications Strategy, an Active Transportation Plan and a Honey Harbour Waterfront Development Plan.

To date there are over sixty-five actions complete.  Samples of such actions include celebrating arts and culture, creating commercial concentration hubs, supporting e-commerce and utilizing modern technologies to showcase regional, national and international excellence in the brand “Muskoka”.

With a strong and successful grass roots approach to economics, our Communications and Economic Development Officer is able to work closely with businesses in order to bring together the right tools necessary that best suits business and community needs before, during and after establishing an operation within the Township.

In 2014 Council ratified the Community Based Economic Development Strategy, and identified a further listing of seven goals to be achieved by 2018.  Many of these goals relate to the attraction of business and services that can support the Township in developing a well managed season community.

Departmental Functions:

  • Promoting existing tools / resources available to and for businesses, Business Retention and Expansion
  • Aligning business goals with strategic objectives of the Township of Georgian Bay as outlined in the Strategic Plan 
  • Visitations and meetings with local businesses in an effort to establish good working relationship and respond to inquiries
  • Implement Small Business Development
  • Branding and Corporate communications that is accurate, timely and transparent
  • Search for and apply for all available funding / grants that are relevant to the goals of the Strategic Plan
  • Provide a broader market Based for Goods and Services in Georgian Bay
  • Promote the community outside of the area for business investment, brand identity and district awareness of services required / needed
  • Stimulate population growth in MacTier and Port Severn
  • Assist developers in identifying opportunities for business partnerships or other types of business and community relationships to assist in making developments viable in the Township
  • Work Force Engagement within the Township and throughout the District of Muskoka 
  • Work with local festival and event organizers
  • Maintaining the Township’s Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Liaise with Community based groups, such as Chambers and Heritage committees, to support ABCD
  • Data mine for statistics that support Federal/Provincial Stimulus programs in the Honey Harbour, MacTier and Port Severn.

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