Burn Permit / By-law


Emergency Calls - in all cases of emergency (Fire, Ambulance, Police) dial 911

 This is  a reminder that our Township has a Burning By-Law in effect. You are allowed to have a small, confined fire for cooking or warmth but for any other type of burning, a permit is required. Permits can be obtained at the Municipal Office, the Fire Hall in Port Severn, or by  printing the application, and returning it via fax or e-mail using the contact information below.

Permits are required between April 1st and October 31st and there is no charge for a permit. You can get more information by calling 705-538-2765.

Fire danger rating boards are located throughout the Township that indicate the current fire rating.   They will also indicate if there is a complete fire ban.

1-800-567-0187 x 249 or (705) 538-2765
General inquiries:lmatthews@gbtownship.ca
Fax: (705) 538-1328